How VR and Other Immersive Technologies Are
Changing The Experiential Marketing Landscape

The advancement of technology today provides consumers the opportunity to have immersive and imaginative experiences, but is this trend just a fad? Should businesses hop on the bandwagon and adapt applications like virtual or augmented reality for their digital marketing and experiential activations?

These speakers have fuelled marketing results for leading brands including

In our upcoming executive webinar, industry experts get real about the current state of immersive technologies and what the future landscape will look like.

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How to separate fact from fiction when navigating the VR and modern tech landscape.

The difference between entertainment and business VR.

What it looks like to implement successful immersive technologies into your experiential strategy.

Tyler Calder

Digital Marketing Professor, University of Toronto and Schulich School of Business
Chief Marketing Officer, Yulio Technologies Inc

Tyler is a marketing executive and digital marketing enthusiast with over 10 years of experience in the tech space. With his current role at Yulio, a VR software and professional 3D company, he is revolutionizing the way companies use technology on an enterprise level. In addition, he has a passion for educating and participates in speaking engagements on a formalize education level, to radio and leadership summits.

Amy Blackman

Vice President,  Mosaic (Contend Immersive)

With 18 years of C-level leadership in creative high-tech multimedia, Amy Blackman was recruited to join the Contend/Mosaic as VP of Contend Immersive. Her agency team unleashes data hacked creative and radical technology through Inverted Reality,removing the lines between human, digital, physical and analog to create mind-bending multi-sensory immersive experiences.

Andrew Carlin

Chief Operating Officer, Limelight Platform

Andrew Carlin has more than a decade of MarTech SaaS, sales and client relations experience in both the U.S. and Canada. He has a strong understanding of clients’ changing needs, ongoing support and evolving trends within the industry.

Victor Lander

Creative Director,  Mosaic (Contend Immersive)

Victor is an immersive storyteller for brands. Specializing in areas of multi-media, interactive installations, AI art, VR, and AR. Contend Immersive is part of the Mosaic Agency, a global leader in consumer-centric experiential marketing.  

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